Prudential Claim

This is the actual claim received by some of my clients.
The lady client take-up this plan for his 13-years-old son, when her son turn 16years old he was diagnosed with tonsilitis and need an operations. The operation cost her RM6,+++ in KPJ Seremban and all paid off by Prudential. On top of that, they received hospital benefit allowance 3days hospitalisation x RM200/day = RM 600 as pocket money (I forgotten to snap2 the picture). And after 2 weeks he need a follow-up check-up and also claimable with Prudential.

This plan is for little 3 years old pumpkin. She was admitted 5 days in Damansara Specialist under Dato' Dr Musa due to high fever. Here you go! the hospital allowance of RM200/day x 5 days = RM1000.00.

This claimed belong to my 6years old handsome client who also admitted in Damansara Specialist Hospital (DSH) due to dengue fever. The mother bought this plan when he was 4 years old. The sad part is, both of them admitted in DSH for dengue but only the son having Prudential medical card. The mother did not buy any plan. So bills for the son is paid off by Prudential, but for the mother which is cost RM6+++ is by themself. On top of that, the son received hospital allowance RM200/day x 4days = RM800.

This cheque is belong to me. Yes, myself. This is due to my little Amir was admitted in DSH in June 2011 due to very high risk illness - Pneumococcal Meningitis. Please read the full stories here. He was 11 months old, and had high fever + vomitted. 5 days in ICU and 10 days in normal ward. In total he was admitted half month in the hospital. The bill was RM16,+++. All paid off by Prudential. (if you are in my position at that point of time, with your illness baby, how are you going to get the amount of money?) Protect your child now! DO NOT WAIT! and yeah the hospital allowance is RM3525. I was woring with IT company at that point of time and have to take un-paid leave for 15 days. And received the cheque was very relief, cos it could cover my 15days un-paid leave. (even more that my salary that time) hehehehehe :) Thanks to ALLAH!

The reimbusement claim for follow-up check-up my my gastric lady client.

4 years old client was admitted in DSH due to high fever, flu and cough. This is the hospital allowance and added benefit for the client.

Hospital allowance amounting RM1000 for baby boy admitted due to high fever, flu and cough. 5 days admitted in hospital.

Yup its mine again. This was on Ramadhan 2012 recently. Again my lil Amir having high fever. After 2 times to our normal clinic with doc antibiotic still no good response. Rush him to emergency and admitted 5 days in DSH with our dedicated Dr Soh.

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