PRUclinic care - For Outpatient Treatment

A medical card that gives you the basic healthcare that you deserve.

A regular premium investment-linked medical rider that reimburses medical expenses at our panel clinics.

Great convenience
With so many panel clinics nationwide, you'll always find a clinic near your area! Please click here to locate your nearest clinic.
Cashless claims process
Making a claim has never been easier. Using this medical card, your visit to the panel clinic to completely cashless - no coinsurance or deductibles!
High benefit amount
PRUclinic care covers your medical cost at any panel GP clinics for up to RM1,500 per year!
24-hour support
Our dedicated call centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is PRUclinic care?
PRUclinic care is a regular premium investment-linked medical rider which covers medical expenses incurred at any of our panel general practitioner clinics.

1 Locate & Visit Panel Provider »     2 Identify & Swipe Your Card »          3 Get the Treatment »

How can I take up PRUclinic care?
You can take up PRUclinic care when you purchase any of our PRUhealth or PRUflexi med plans.
How long is this benefit valid?
PRUclinic care will cover your clinical needs for two years. Premiums are payable throughout the duration of the plan.
How much premium do I need to pay?
Please refer to the table below for our affordable premiums!
Entry age next
1 to 18 years old188944715.66
19 to 39 years old2881447223.99
40 to 49 years old3881949732.32
50 to 60 years old525262.50131.2543.73

This plan is for those who are aged between 1-60 years old next birthday.

Please note that this is an insurance product that is tied to the performance of the underlying assets, and is not a pure investment product such as unit trusts.

PruClinic Care is so simple to use. As the process flow below shows , just present the Clinic Card and we the insurance company will settle 100% of the claimable bill direct with the hospital.

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