PRUcash Double Reward


PRUcash double reward offers you various plans tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs. You can choose to pay premium for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, while enjoying benefits up to 40 years.

A simple illustration of how PRUcash double reward works

The diagram above summarises the basic structure of the PRUcash double reward for a male non-smoker, aged 35, with an annual premium of RM20,180, sum assured of RM100,000, for a 20-year policy term plan and a premium payment term of 10 years. Not only will the Annual Guaranteed Payout DOUBLE from policy year 6 onwards ,your Sum Assured.

Who can take up PRUcash double reward (PCDR)?
Any individual between the ages of 1 – 65 years on their next birthday who:
1) Wants a savings plan with DOUBLE PROTECTION
2) Wants a steady payouts and bonuses.
That means, you can also get for your children!

How much premium do I need to save?
It is determined by:
1) Entry age
2) Gender
3) Smoking status
4) Type of plan chosen

The allocation of this plan is VERY limited and it is a HOT, HOT selling plan. It is open for limited time, and time is running fast! Book your plan with me now! Do not hesitate.

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